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Existing signs together with NASA's prediction and the Bible's teaching of coming blood moons and blacked sun signal the endtimes Tribulation, that 20 doctrines teach we will go through caused by our churches falling away, can come in the next few months. Be ready, being mature in Christ-likeness.

(This section includes information and action items needed by church leaders and Christians.)

Final Update

On May 10, 2015, John left this earth to meet his maker. He will be missed.

Newest Documents

Rev 6:12 Endtimess events are on our doorstep.  Please read document urgently, EVIDENCES SIGNAL THE ENDTIMES TRIBULATION IS “SOON” COMING   (3-23-2015; 4 pages).

For a Good Walk With God It Can Help to Read This:   THINGS THAT MEAN VERY MUCH TO ME IN MY WALK WITH GOD (They may also mean very much to you)   (2-1-2015; 2 pages).

All Church and Family Leaders, All Christians, Please Read:  Urgently Look for Soon Coming Prophesied Events That, Together with Current Secular Signs, Signal the Endtimes Tribulation Is Coming in “The next Few Months” - Be Ready   We Are Concerned That the Endtimes Tribulation (That We, the Church, Will Experience) May (Will) Begin in the Next Few Months And, to Confirm Whether It Will, We Should Observe Whether Revelation’s Prophesied Five Seals Events Actually Occur in the Next Few Months. (9-10-2014; 4 pages).

Recommended Reading by Church Leaders:  Good Procedure in the Church to Have Both Great Divine Life and Large (Increased) Attendance   Churches need expository in-depth preaching, people gaining maturity in Christ, people in ministry, good hymn music, much outreach evangelism with water baptisms, foreign missions program, home Bible studies, and preparing for the future. (3-27-2014 3 pages.)

"Urgently" Read Our Newest Document and Take Action:  THE ENDTIMES BIG PICTURE FOUNDATIONAL NEEDED UNDERSTANDING   (Gain a Maximum Experiential Spiritual Maturity in Christ-likeness, and Prepare For Going Through the Soon Coming Endtimes) (Existing signs together with NASA’s prediction of the soon coming blood moons and blacked out sun signal loudly the endtimes Tribulation (followed by the Rapture), bringing history’s termination, can begin very soon. We should become Christians and work to gain maximum high-skill maturity in Christ-likeness in the next few to several months. God is using the U. S. to terminate history, our churches are now falling away unknowingly implementing Satan's spiritual warfare strategies, and churches should "urgently" take these actions before the endtimes come.) (2-7-2014 16 pages.)  Must Read:  Short summary (5 pages).  "Important Items" That All Believers, Especially Church and Family Leaders, Must "Urgently" Know, Share, and Implement. (2-14-2014)

A must read summary document by all people to have a maximum eternal real time relationship with God:  We, Created by God, Are to Walk in Total Obedience to His Direction in His Fellowship, to the Fullest, Forever   Apart from walking eternally in fellowship with our infinite perfect God, there is nothing. This document presents a top level integrated understanding for how we are to live under His direction in love-faith obedience forever. (12-11-2013 5 pages.)

Church and Family leaders please read this document at "top priority" for a detailed comprehensive summary of today's Biblical Big Picture Situation that "we all must know and urgently act upon." “URGENT” WATCHMAN WARNING: Signs Now Signal Most Loudly That Revelation’s Endtimes Tribulation Will Begin in the Next Few Months to a Few Years - “Get (Be) Ready”. There are “many aspects” in the overall endtimes big picture that we churches and families must know to implement God's plan and to gain His best in our current and eternal times. It presents the blood moon situation and U.S. both in Bible prophecy, and the sequence for how God is using the U.S. to terminate history. Watch the video below next. (10 pages, 11-11-2013)

LEARN THE BIBLICAL BIG PICTURE FOR TODAY OF WHAT GOD HAS PLANED FOR US BY WATCHING AND LISTENING TO THIS TWO PART VIDEO PRESENTED BY JOHN STEPHENSON ( videos, ~30 minutes total);  The topics discussed include: God’s Greatness; Becoming mature in Christ-likeness; Bible prophecy with the sequence for how the endtimes unfold; Doctrines that teach unambiguously a Post Tribulation Rapture; God uses the United States in Bible prophecy with the sequence to terminate history; Current national Israel; How our churches are now falling away; Recommendations for what our churches should urgently do now before the Tribulation comes.

Read this summary document to quickly gain the Biblical overall big picture. Must reading by all Christians:  Terse Summary of the Biblical “Must Know” Big Picture Foundational Understandings for All of Life  Read this Document with “Urgency” to Know the Biblical Big Picture (Detailed development is found in referenced listed documents.) (9-14-2013 10 pages)

A Must-Read Love Letter With a Watchman Warning to All Church and Family Leaders - All Christians:  We must now immediately warn and prepare our people for going through the very soon-coming Calamity and Endtimes Tribulation. Recommendations for urgently reading two key documents and for making needed preparation are presented with penalties if the recommendations are not implemented. Love Letter With a Watchman Warning to Prepare  (7-24-2013 5 pages)

Train to Become Mature in Christ-Likeness:  Read and Study: The Beginning Pathway to Gain Maximum Maturity in Christ-likeness in Order to Relate Maximumly to God in Eternity (Gaining this Maturity Is Why We Are Here.)   (7-8-2013 4 pages) Then study the documents under Training for more principles to live out to become mature in Christ.

Must Read Document by All Church Leaders:  Doctrines That Teach Unambiguously a Post Tribulation Rapture   This document presents the Biblical big picture of the Jewish situation and many doctrines that singly and in combination teach "unambiguously" a Post Tribulation Rapture. Leaders should prepare their people now for soon entering the endtimes Tribulation. (7 pages 6-27-2013) See also our more detailed document, Twenty Bible Doctrines Teach Unambiguously a Post-tribulation Rapture   (11 pages 4-18-2013)

MUST-READ DOCUMENT: ENDTIMES WATCHMAN WARNING (Immediately Prepare for Entering the Soon Coming Endtimes and Pursue Gaining Maximum Maturity in Christ-likeness Needed for Eternity):  It presents an overview of how Revelation's endtimes will soon unfold and what we will experience when they come. It presents incentive (current signaling signs) for us to "urgently" prepare(including working with our youth) for Revelation's endtimes and to gain maximum maturity in Christ-likeness needed for a mature relationship in eternity with God. Please

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after reading. (17 pages, 5-21-2013)

Three Videos of John Stephenson (about 10 minutes each) They present the Biblical big picture that we all must know re God's Plan for history, how the endtimes unfold with the Rapture timing, How the United States is found in the Bible and is being used to bring the endtimes, how we must train to become maximally mature in Christ-likeness, and the spiritual warfare with Satan's strategies.

Listen for How to Become a Christian This is a most helpful audio reading by Mary Stephenson of our salvation booklet: God is Reaching Out to You. It provides good understanding for what to know, believe, and do to become a Christian. It is also a good review for Christians. (60 Minutes MP3)

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